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EMTC Training Courses

EOC Coordination Summer School 2012

Between 13 and 17 February 2012 EMTC will be delivering its third summer school in Christchurch on EOC coordination. This involves the delivery of four training packages over the week. The first of these is our EOC II course which introduces the role and function of the EOC to the students. This is delivered on the first two days. The EOC II course is followed by the specific Operations, Planning/Intelligence, and Logistics courses.

View more information (pdf 605 kb) on each of these courses and the cost.


Some of our courses can be delivered as self paced packages, however we believe in the power of 'collective learning' where we all learn off each other.  Our courses can be delivered either during the week, weekends or in the evenings to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

The training which we conduct is based around the following three tiers:

Tier One training - for volunteers and paid staff who work directly with the community prior to and during an emergency event;

Tier Two training - for volunteers and paid staff who have a managerial role, who work in an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) or the regional Emergency Co-ordination Centre (ECC) prior to and during and emergency event;

Tier Three training - for Controllers, Recovery Managers, and those who provide governance to the CDEM Group.

The majority of Tier One training is delivered using the national Response and Preparedness in Disaster (RAPID) packages introduced in 2006 by the Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management (MCDEM). EMTC is a strong supporter of RAPID and is involved in the review and improvement of the packages and assessment material.

In 2006 EMTC developed a relationship with the Justice Institute of British Columbia in Canada. It is through this relationship that we have a New Zealand exclusive licence to deliver some of their packages. At the Tier Two and Three training levels this enables EMTC to deliver up to date training that fully encompasses the modern approach of comprehensive emergency management.

Information on our various programmes is available at the Catalogue link

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